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The Youke Hotel (Youke Jiudian) is situated within easy reach of the Metro Line 2 Chunxi Road station and about a 15-minute drive from Chengdu North Railway Station.Business guests can host meetings and events in the hotel’s multifunction room.This Chengdu hotel offers Wi-Fi access in public areas.[View Detail]        

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  • e01960657
    Happy trip 36 praise, concern recommended
  • lcamba
    Hotel is located on chunxi road, location is really good, most importantly not noisy at all, Wi-Fi in the room quickly, facilities were very good
  • eric129
    Which is very nice
  • cwtax163
    Location very better, on in chunxi road side Shang, first times to from a small alley in wear past of, later only found also has several article road can past. room also good, hotel breakfast not how eat has a meal later days are didn't eat, but matter anyway Chengdu food more just can to outside eat. but daily room door Shang will plug 'small card', Khan...... Overall feels good, next time you come to Chengdu will choose to live here.
  • bobo_love_ting
    Hotel in chunxi road Shang, to which are is convenient, with baby of can select, earlier not how, than down floor under eat snacks, floor under has a article alley child, inside of earlier good, out of alley mouth has a sold roast Trotter of, taste is good, 12 block money half, although your has points, but is delicious, lunch does can in chunxi Road opposite of Tang song Street eat, has a called tank tank tank rice of shop, delicious not your
  • gefei1001
    Nice is a little small
  • cbwla
    Nice environment, in the downtown area there is such a nice
  • beyfea
    Is near from the shopping street, travel more convenient, as well as better facilities
  • elaine_ji95
    Hotel location is very good, across a street wine to chunxi road ... room was clean.
  • danielwang1103
    Customer service she is pulled as if he owed her millions of too little room sanitation was good breakfast variety
  • neometero
    Good location, service can also, cost-effective! more convenient shopping, big room, quiet. similar to the hygienic conditions of the room and hotel in General!! whole worth recommending!
  • liwang4546
    The older, the only advantage is the location is very good, chunxi road along hotels more broad alternative
  • anjella1107
    Convenient, went out car shopping convenience. room was good ... recommended!
  • felips
    Can stay, good choice!
  • birdcx
    Very nice hotel, good location, convenience, booked for the second time?
  • eddie958050336
    Satisfactory accommodation
  • JJsama
    When in a hurry, dropped a difficult to buy books from Lhasa, back home and hotel consulting three times, said no! I'm furious, even around, no matter how busy, I can't really, no sense
  • galen83
    The geographical position is superior, downstairs is chunxi, traveling, shopping is very convenient. good rooms, large Windows (though only a small opening), comfortable beds, air force. the drawback is the bathroom is small, not enough shower gel and more and the next day said breakfast coupon will be sent to your room, did not.
  • ddung Canon
    Good service, nice
  • liuweixf7758
    Great shopping so convenient!
  • jf19830923
    Good location wherever it is convenient! bedding was clean, sleep at ease! Huang Chengying cleaner were very friendly, room very clean!! whole family happy!
  • stanley.sun
    Twice has been a great experience
  • cyf735
    Very attentive, so highly rated is really, very intimate, and eating and drinking freely
  • ldyyumiao
    Stayed for days, it's good, great location
  • wayne_wn
    ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?.? ? ? ?,7days? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?.? ? ? 7days 1~200? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?.
  • baisuyu
    Yes, this gift
  • edwardxi
    Warm and convenient and affordable
  • Niururu
    Hotel location is downtown, the environment is good, breakfast good
  • neverland1020
    Good breakfast buffet in General?
  • mxm1201
    Traveler, extend it for four times before and after 15 days, services, facilities, and are very satisfied with aunt and rooms are well trained at the front desk, especially the front desk Fan Qingxia Miss finncannon, service was very good, very strong sense of service, makes people feel at home, it's impressive, you must praise!
  • boris1_yen
    Good service good Li service very good
  • maynie2007
    Air conditioning too to force has, always so cool, around delicious of also many, we on in near on are solution has, location although not too find, but remember Essentials has, first said a compared famous of place, taxi master soon on pulled to place has, is satisfaction! breakfast aspects well, is style again more some on good has, I found daily morning will has various of beans, haha HA!
  • Small ring%%
    Health is very good, location on chunxi road, very convenient, hotel is very good, embroidery hanging on the wall, very stylish and small service at the front desk, very handsome, if hotels increased taxi service will be better
  • candymoon614
    Chunxi road, traffic is very convenient, room was lovely, a little expensive
  • codyw
    Good, convenient, convenient parking, downstairs you can go shopping.
  • stinna77
    Nice, next to chunxi road, eating, shopping is very convenient, rooms very comfortable, very clean, next time you have the opportunity to live in Chengdu
  • lidongbest5
    European-style, the overall impression is good,
  • dcx183
    French romantic holiday choice ... ... Convenient
  • congde
    Overall very satisfied
  • AustinYu
    Hotels are good, is located in the business center, car shopping is convenient
  • ieagle
    Hotel location special, convenient is not find, to of when driver master turned has several circle also didn't found, deep home alley in the. but away from IFS Swire in are is near, familiar has on think is convenient. hotel is unlikely to clean have is clean. I focused on of bathroom and bed are is good, quilt also is big, bed products is comfortable. not shut Windows is noisy of, this is body in downtown of adverse factors. but Windows noise effect good, safe a whole sleep. General for is good Oh, price isHigher. Korean beauty warm gentle soft front desk attitude is also very good.
  • basa0429
    Good location, clean, good service
  • Freeterye
    Good! OK breakfast, convenience. it again
  • ilotus
    Good to very good location downtown areas is slow service and not be impatient people a bit helpless
  • e03185233
    Very fine, European-style, very close to the pedestrian street, very convenient
  • luisaluisa8866
    All right
  • ass219
    Convenient, clean and
  • triplvyou
    Is close to the big pedestrian zone in Chengdu, public transport, convenient subway room clean and sanitary.
  • evan4621
    It's OK
  • anbolun
    Good good good good good